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MSN Agro Seeds is now a proud owner of portfolio of 64 hybrids 46 superior open pollinated varieties in all major high value vegetables crops like cabbage , cauliflower, brinjal, radish, carrot, okra, cucurbits,hot pepper,etc. In India and has growing exports in overseas markets. Though independently managed and run, with team of Strong , adequate and efficient staff in its roll. MSN Agro reaches farmers through its strong sales network of dealers and distributers, The product development team acts in close co-ordination with R&D and marketing and conducts trials, extensively in the farmer’s fields before releasing to the market. The research and development team has successfully used both conventional and modern breeding tolls to develop newer hybrids and varieties to augment the increasing demands for better crops . This achieved through high quality infrastructure such as extensive multi location breeding farms,poly green houses for micro environment and laboratory facilities etc. MSN Agro Seeds has research centres in all the important agro climatic zones of the country to make possible exhaustive testing of its hybrids and varieties before release. The company has excellent processing facilities and follows efficient seed production techniques considering seed quality and purity.